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Exmouth Sub-basin - 2009 Petroleum Offshore Acreage Release

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Bids Close - 12 April 2012
  • Directly adjacent to the producing Cliff Head oil field.
  • Includes the Dunsborough oil and gas discovery, and gas discoveries at Frankland and Perseverance.
  • Evidence of several operating petroleum systems (Permian, Triassic and Jurassic).
  • Proven plays with numerous untested leads and prospects.
  • Underpinned by new biostratigraphic, geochemical and seismic data.
  • Water depths of 5 m to 2,800 m.

Release Area W11-18 is a very large block over the offshore northern Perth Basin, covering parts of the Abrolhos, Houtman and Vlaming sub-basins and the Beagle and Turtle Dove ridges. The Release Area offers a range of plays in a variety of water depths, with the majority of the block in less than 500 m of water. Oil has been produced since 2006 from the Cliff Head oil field in WA-31-L, which is directly adjacent to Release Area W11-18.

Three petroleum discoveries are included within the Release Area, with oil and gas in Dunsborough 1, and gas in Frankland 1 and Perseverance 1. These accumulations are reservoired in Permian sandstones and have primarily been sourced from the Hovea Member of the Kockatea Shale, which has also sourced the majority of producing oil and gas fields of the onshore Perth Basin. The key components of this Permo-Triassic petroleum system are preserved within each of the tectonic elements covered by Release Area W11-18. There is also evidence for an active Jurassic petroleum system within the Release Area. Therefore Release Area W11-18 is highly prospective for oil and gas.


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Regional Geology of the Perth Basin [PDF, 7.3MB] [DOC, 394KB]
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2011 Acreage Release Special Notices [PDF, 832KB] [DOC, 709KB]

Perth Basin Block Listing

Perth Basin Block Listing Perth Basin Block Listing Perth Basin Block Listing